Imagine leaving the office with a beautiful,
new, non-removable set of teeth.

Teeth in a Day is a reality! This option refers to a fixed, implant supported restoration of a full arch of teeth – upper or lower. The implant retained prosthesis is only removable by a Dental Clinician and is the most like natural teeth due to not having flanges and not resting on the gums. With this technique, you can eat immediately after the procedure and start to enjoy the benefits of your new smile right away.

Implant Retained Prosthesis – All-On-4®
Fixed, full arch prostheses that are retained with implants are commonly referred to as All-on-4®. This is actually a dental implant technique that can be used to provide patients with a new set of fixed (non-removable), highly aesthetic and immediately functional teeth in as little as a single appointment. People who are great candidates for this technique include those who are:

  • Edentulous (have lost all of their original adult teeth)
  • Near-edentulous
  • Suffering from failing dentition as a result of advanced periodontal (gum) disease
  • Dissatisfied, current denture or partial denture wearers

What does the procedure involve?
All on Four dental implants aren’t actually a type of dental implant. All on Four is actually a technique or protocol developed in Europe by Dr. Paulo Malo, for the placement and restoration of full arches of upper and/or lower teeth. Four or more dental implants are placed in the jaw bone.

The full arch of replacement teeth is then secured to these dental implants. Doing so allows for the replacement of your complete arch of upper or lower teeth on the day of your procedure. The teeth are non-removable, look and feel like natural teeth, and can provide the added benefit of preserving the bone structure of your jaw.

With an implant retained prosthesis, we can provide you with beautiful, functional non-removable teeth. There is no requirement of a lengthy wait of six months for implants to integrate. Moreover, this technique usually allows us to avoid bone grafting, which can add an additional year to the timeline.

Full arch replacements are an excellent alternative to wearing conventional dentures and they can alleviate so much of what people dislike about a more conventional denture. Some of the benefits of an implant retained prosthesis include:

  • No slippage or sore spots
  • The look and feel of natural teeth
  • Cleaned and maintained similarly to natural teeth and do not need to be removed after meals or at nighttime
  • Regaining almost all of your natural chewing and biting ability
  • The ability to eat the foods you want to eat instead of the foods your dentures will allow you to eat
  • It doesn’t touch the gum tissue, which allows you to clean under the denture without removing it
  • The preservation of the bone in your jaw
  • Not having your dentures removed if ever checking into a hospital
  • The final prosthesis is far slimmer than traditional bulky dentures and doesn’t cover the hard palate. Consequently, it does not tend to trigger the gag reflex or impede your ability to taste and sense the temperature of your food properly

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