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do all the things you used to do with renewed confidence!

The mouth is restored as closely as possible to its natural state. By replacing the entire tooth, including the root, it is possible to replicate the function of natural teeth, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. In addition, nothing in the mouth looks, or feels artificial.

Implants preserve the integrity of facial structures. By preventing the bone resorption that normally occurs with tooth loss, the jaw and facial structures remain intact. This is particularly important when all of the teeth are missing, as the lower one-third of the face collapses if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

Your smile is improved when replacement teeth look like your natural teeth. Even when only one tooth is missing, long-term aesthetics are much better with an implant supported replacement tooth than with a traditional tooth supported bridge.

This is particularly important in the front of your mouth, where preventing a visible bone defect is critical for natural appearance.

Convenient oral hygiene. It is much easier to care for an implant supported crown, which can be cleaned like a natural tooth. In comparison, a tooth supported bridge, which traps plaque and bacteria, requires the use of a special floss threader for proper cleaning. It is also more convenient to clean a full set of implant supported replacement teeth than a traditional denture.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Improved appearance. Since implants preserve bone, the prevent the deterioration of the facial structures and your appearance is improved. Collapse of the lower one-third of the face caused by complete tooth loss can be visually corrected and the remaining bone preserved. The appearance of wrinkles around the mouth caused by posterior bite collapse, or complete facial structure collapse is virtually eliminated.

Restored self-esteem and renewed self-confidence. Many of the people who now enjoy the benefits of implant supported replacement teeth state that their self esteem and self confidence has been restored as a result of improved appearance, function, comfort, and health.

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