General Instructions

If you have had any form of sedation do not plan to do anything today except rest at home. It will take a few hours for the drowsiness produced by the sedation to wear off and there may be rebound sedative effects. You may require assistance when walking from room to room for the remainder of the day. Do not operate a motor vehicle for at least 16 hours from the time your sedation medication was administered.

Entire DAY OF surgery: Cold foods and drinks only! Ice cream, shakes, pudding, yogurt, etc. Do not drink any hot temperature liquids or anything that contains alcohol or caffeine.  Don’t use a straw for the next 2-3 days!

Entire DAY AFTER surgery: Warm/room temperature food and drinks only! Soups, pasta, veggies, casseroles. Do not eat anything crunchy or that has shells or seeds.

3rd day on: Resume normal diet. Take precaution to avoid the surgical site(s) and crunchy or hard foods that can cut gum tissue, and be careful with any food with seeds or kernels as they can get under gum tissue.

Antibiotics: Take as directed on the bottle until all are gone. If a rash or extended diarrhea occurs, stop medication and call the office immediately.

Antibacterial Rinse: Gently rinse with Chlorhexidine twice daily and dab surgical area with soaked cotton swab (Q-tip) if instructed to do so.

Pain Killers: Take 600mg Ibuprofen every 6 hrs with food for a minimum of 3-4 days. 1-2 tablets of Tylenol #3 can be used in combination every 4 hrs if required.

Nausea is common when taking any medication or having sedation. Ensuring you eat frequently can usually prevent it. If nausea is a problem, slowly eat saltine crackers and sip Coca-Cola Classic over ice at frequent intervals. Coke works faster than Sprite or 7-up.

Facial Compresses
DAY OF surgery:  Ice only! 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the remainder of the day. Do not sleep overnight with ice pack on.

DAY AFTER surgery:  Wet heat only! 20 minutes every 2 hours throughout the day or when you get home from work at night. A wet, steamy washcloth works well, and can be re-heated in microwave or crockpot full of water.

Should you have any major discomfort or swelling, continue warm compresses as much as possible until you notice a significant improvement.

Expect some “oozing” for 24 hours. Swallow on a regular basis to prevent a buildup of saliva in your mouth. No rinsing, spitting, swishing or cleansing for 24 hours! This will cause bleeding to continue or worsen. If bleeding seems excessive, hold ice chips in mouth letting them melt and swallow liquid. Do not spit—this will worsen the bleeding! You can also place a moist tea bag over the area and bite down on bag for 30 minutes.

Head Elevation
For the next three days, elevate your head while resting in bed. Two pillows are usually sufficient; taking care that your head is higher than your body. This works well to reduce or eliminate swelling.

For All Surgical Procedures
Do not smoke for at least three days after surgery!  Nicotine irritates the oral tissues, delays healing and causes increased post-operative complications and discomfort.

Do not pull or tug on sutures.

Avoid the surgical site(s) and minimize stretching of your lips/cheeks.

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