A cost effective denture alternative that
snaps in place for a secure, confident grip

Patients who require dentures often worry about their teeth slipping, becoming loose, or falling out while performing normal activities like talking and eating. And while there are many products on the market today to help secure dentures to the mouth, they often can’t provide the support needed for a confident, secure grip throughout the day.

An Implant OverDenture is a removable prosthesis that is held in place by implants that have been placed in your jaw. The denture snaps onto the implants in your jaw, keeping the denture secure in your mouth, but allowing you to remove it when necessary. The denture-type prosthesis fits “over” the implants to stabilize and retain the denture.

The benefits of an implant-retained denture are numerous:

  • They make dentures much more stable in the mouth, so you can chew and talk more easily
  • They provide a secure and natural-looking smile
  • They are generally ready for use in just one or two appointments
  • We can often modify your existing dentures to fit over the implants
  • The dentures are removable for easy cleaning and checkups

For patients with severe bone loss, Implant OverDentures can also provide additional facial support. This is an advantage allowed by the denture extension under the lips to fill in the space where bone was lost.

Most commonly, the number of implants required is two to four and there are two different types of OverDenture systems. Dr. Tymkiw will help you determine which solution is best for you.

Implant-Retained, Gum Supported

With this solution, the OverDenture rests directly on your gums and is retained by implants placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The OverDenture “snaps” onto the implants and is removable. This option allows your lower denture to be more stable while chewing than without implants. The denture is easily removable for cleaning and regular maintenance appointments.

Bar-Retained, Implant Supported

With this solution, the OverDenture attaches to a metal bar that is connected to the implants. The OverDenture has special internal retention clips, which allow the prosthesis to snap firmly in place. The advantage of this option is that it is much more stable than the first option and allows very little denture movement. Your denture is still removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What to Expect With an OverDenture Procedure:

  • Dental implants are placed into the jaw and left to adhere to the jawbone for about two months
  • During this time the bone fuses to the implant creating a strong and secure adhesion
  • A customized set of OverDentures is created for you to replicate the shape and color of natural teeth
  • The OverDenture is attached to the implants for a secure, non-slip fit
  • We will see you every six months to clean the implants, ensure fit is maintained and thoroughly clean the prosthesis

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