A thorough examination allows us to prepare
a treatment plan for your optimal oral health

During your first visit, Dr. Tymkiw will review your complete medical and dental histories with you. Thorough oral and periodontal evaluations will then be done. Dr. Tymkiw and his team will examine your teeth and gums checking for signs of disease. Measurements will also be taken of your periodontal pocket depths using a small measuring instrument (much like a ruler). The measurements help Dr. Tymkiw determine the health of the gums. X-rays (radiographs) may also be taken to check for possible bone loss. This initial information helps Dr. Tymkiw assess your current periodontal situation and treatment needs.

After the extent of the disease has been determined, a thorough plan of action will be discussed with you prior to beginning any therapy. This will include a full review of the findings, treatment sequence and prioritization, and a discussion regarding financial policies/insurance.

Comprehensive Periodontal Exam
A Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation, or CPE, is a way to assess your periodontal health by examining:

  • Your teeth
  • Your plaque
  • Your gums
  • Your bite
  • Your bone structure
  • Your risk factors

During this exam, Dr. Tymkiw will discuss your chief complaint, review your medical and dental histories, and perform a clinical examination and x-ray analysis.

If your dentist has referred you for a comprehensive exam, expect to spend about one hour at the office for this initial visit. Dr. Tymkiw will evaluate what he discovers during the exam and will then develop a treatment plan for you and communicate with your dentist.

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